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Meet Jim & Sue Robinson  

8689 Star Road  Erie, Illinois 61250-9772  Phone 309-659-2721 

(18-36) RF 122.9 / 3H5 800' Pattern Altitude

N 4141.10 

W 90 04.79 - GPS

 Map   e-mail: Jim 

Or   Sue   

If stopping in PLEASE call ahead. We may be away doing sign work or helping with someone's plane. 

Brian is now a Authorized Independent Rotax Repair Center      CLICK ON SIGN...





Eugene Clark's Challenger-1 #11 (from Monroe Wisconsin. Vintage 1983. 4th engine. 1927 hours on plane) Nice Plane Eugene..




My Challenger...

Rebuilding My Challenger

There is a great website where you can design your own Name Tags right online. Change colors and background design until it is just the way you want it. They have cloth and leather. Check them out at www.nametags4u.com

ONE More- http://www.b-n-senterprises.com/ This is where I get Challenger lapel pins, hats and t-shirts with Challenger pictures.




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Jim and student lose power and have to dead stick land. 3 times.  And then there was the in-flight "situation" flying home.

also: Why some men like planes over women.....

 Show N Shine 04   May 15 2004 

  New Pictures 5/17        More Events



Norm Pasvogle of Moline, IL.. The Storming Norman of Erie Airpark. At the Show N Shine he gave 60 people a ride in his Cessna. At last year's 20th Anniversary it was more. We are honored to have Norm as one of the friends of the Airpark.


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See the newest safety feature for the Challenger that could very will save your life on the For Sale page.

 Challenger Anniversary Fly In September 18-20

Send us a picture of your Challenger and we will post on "Friends of Airpark" page.

Chute Days has been cancelled, coming in Spring.

  Kevin Lee Dawn Patrol Davenport Airport March 24th 2014



Winter photo, runway.

Erie Airpark 1980:


The Challenger fly in:

 September 20 21 22, 2013.  Pictures here.

  *** *** *** *** ***



This is a modification that we are doing here at Erie Airpark. 

It is something you may want to do when you recover your Challenger. 

Picture Number 1 you can see a standard Challenger II.  See how the area under the engine is square?  This is a hard area to cover.  So to make this area easier to cover we "rounded it off as you can see in picture #2.

Picture #2.  The area has been rounded off using some scrap 035 x1/2 in tube.  A little bending and some Stainless rivets and she is ready to cover in picture #3

Picture #3.  This is the modification done and painted.  A big difference!  We like this look and the customers like it too.  Plus it is easier to cover than a 90 degree corner.

Complete QC Challenger engine package. Click Here

30th Anniversary Sept. 2013

Don't forget anyone can now get a 10% discount on a new Challenger kit.  Call me, at 309 230 0944, if you have any questions.  Jim, at an Eerie place.

I have had the pleasure of flying early in the morning,  as a friend of mine has to fly before he starts work, and would like me in the back seat.

I am always amazed at the early morning weather, cool, most always calm, and as you climb out at about 200 feet you can feel the air getting warmer, as the sun's rays have already warmed the upper air.  I began to think the evening air is about the same.  So there we have it, the "Golden Hour"  ( or two hours )  an hour in the morning and an hour just before the sun sets.  Without a doubt, the best time to fly. 

I know it takes some effort get out of bed before the sun comes up, but let me tell you; it is worth it for that one golden hour of flight.  A great way to start the day!   While you go about your day you can always look back to that one hour of morning flight.  Think about how beautiful he sun looked as it started it's daily flight across this great country.  To see the wildlife on the ground as they search for that first meal and shake off the chilly night.  I have seen deer, wild turkeys,  ducks, geese, coyotes and even a bald eagle flying under me!  I would have missed all this had I stayed in bed, under the warm covers.  As a result, my day is always better for getting out and enjoying that golden hour.

On the other end,  there is always that golden hour just before the sun sets.  You go out to the air park and get your plane out, do your preflight, and wait...then it happens, the wind stops, the air is calm, it's time.  As you climb out into the cool evening air you look around and again enjoy what God has given us.  All the days trials and tribulations fade away and you become relaxed,  very relaxed. You watch the sun sink into the horizon.  The air get cooler as you turn and head for your home field.   The smile on your face begins to hurt, as you realize you have been grinning for the last half hour.   Back on the ground, you put your plane away and start thinking about the next flight. 

Now flying cross country, or overnight campouts, or to another strip is fun stuff and I enjoy that too,  But like I said in the beginning, the "Golden Hour" is the best!  Get outt'a bed, or turn off the T.V. and get out and fly! 

Jim, at an Erie place. 

*************  **************  ***

Need a tat for your plane?


Made right here at Erie Airpark.

While departing for a morning flight (Jan. 11) I was called back to the airpark.  Seems we had a prop EXPLODE! on take off.  Not a hard short field take off just a normal take off.  When I returned to the field I began picking up parts of the prop and began our investigation.
With all the parts laid out on a table we found no signs of FOD.  The leading edge was smooth and without damage of any kind.  It looked new.  We worked our way in, to the hub area and I saw the tell tail signs of what happened.  Stress cracks.  They were not bad, I thought,  in fact I have the same type of stress cracks on my prop.  They have the feel of hair caught under varnish, and are almost invisible.  DO NOT BE FOOLED!  I laid the remaining pieces of prop on top of my prop and they looked like a perfect match.  The angle of the cracks matched mine to a tee.
I installed a different prop and will bring the 2 props to the February club meeting for all to see and I will field your questions.
I have run wood props for 20 years and this is the first time I have seen this kind of damage.  But now I know what to look for and will be glad to take a look at your wood prop.  This is NOT a manufacturers fault.  No this just part of the life of a wood prop they get old and become brittle and weaker till one day POW!  They will come apart.   Keep your prop clean, waxed and balanced at least every 2 years.  Keep an eye on the finish and re-varnish as needed.  You will get many years of use out of your wood prop.
As for me, I fly about 200 hours a year and I have switched to a carbon fiber prop and will keep an eye on it.  Jim Robinson, Safety Director, Illowa Sport Flyers.


This is a Challenger II paint job that I am doing here at the airpark.  My goal is to have it look like an eagle in flight when done.  I should have the wings done tonight. All together the paint job will take me about20 hours to complete.  The owner painted the base colors on for me.  Now it is up to me to bring this thing to life.  This is so much fun, I can't believe this is part of my job!

We will have it on display this weekend at the Challenger fly in here at the airpark. Stop this Saturday and have a pork chop, look at some really neat Challengers.  Don't forget the drive in movie and bonfire at dusk. 
I will be in the shop painting most of the day and tonight.....

She will soon be n the air!

Click to enlarge.

New additions Building Tips Click Here

Marty Spies Fly-In Every Sunday Morning

Click to see Pictures.

RC Fly-In and camp out. NEW

Cook & Camp out at Erie Airpark

Cool and damp and rainy what a great time to cook and camp out....

A few days ago a friend of mine flew in to my strip and we were talking about our dream planes, and what we would like to have.  The longer we talked, the more we realized that we already had what we wanted, our dream plane.  We both fly the Quad City Challenger II.  Now I know that this plane is not for everybody but as far as "bang for the buck", it stands alone.  I don't want to sound like a commercial for the Challenger, as I am a Challenger dealer too.  However it is about the best plane for the money out there today. 

Start with any 5 planes, one being the Challenger II.  and price them out in a like manner, with the same options and power-plant.  as far as cost to complete, build time, performance and gross weight, ( this could be a great article) the Challenger II will most always come out on top. 

That's where we came out with the idea of bang for the buck.  You can always go faster fly higher, or land shorter, whatever.  All it takes is more money.  In today's economy, money is keeping a bunch of new pilots out of the aviation world.  But if they new about the Challenger II there could be a  ground swell of new Sport Pilots coming into the flying game. From there on the skies the limit!  It is all about What you can afford to fly or "Bang for the Buck".

Thank you, Jim Robinson, Sport Pilot and Airport owner. www.erieairpark.com

Here is a picture from the flight home from Illinois we were at 7000 feet. Andy


We have all ages come to our fly in and this was a birthday ride.  We did not fly, but I don't think she quit smiling the rest of the day.

Jim giving a lecture at 27th Anniversary event.


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Even if you just found my site, name and location would be great.

     Eight foot long painting of Erie Airpark by Dan Budde www.danbudde.com/

For Sale   "Mitchell Benson Gyro"  /1989 Kit Fox!   Sold in one day.

 A Friend's website, check it out. Thanks Jim

I have many items available.  Click the link to check it out.  Whether you would like an embroidered logo or you want a design done in vinyl, or maybe I just have great price!   Prices do not include embroidery, design work.  Place your order and send me your questions.  I will respond within 24 hours.   Ann Comer   http://www.sportswearcollection.com/annsthimblina

Bob Olden's Stearman replica and he had me paint on the graphics.  The plane is really nice.  Jim


And here's another:



Denny's article in Light Plane World Magazine

Jim Robinson was the first out of Erie Airpark. (picture below)

We had food and flying video's and snow on the ground. 

New Forum for Pilots and Builders Free to use, No fees Drop in, sign up and post away.

http://www.rotaxaircraft.com/forum/    CONTACT

100 hour or yearly inspection sheet.    High time/use inspection sheet.

Fly-In Drive-In breakfast at Bud Westbay's lake  See Pictures here:


Leiland Widick, a Sport pilot Examiner, will do check rides for anyone who would like to hook up with him in the following counties:  Marshall, Stark, Knox, and Mercer.  Leiland is an SPI in the Springfield FDO, and can also do check rides anywhere in that area.  And cannot do check rides in Whiteside County, a different FSDO. To contact Leiland call him at home.  618-643-2744  or you can contact him at work,  618-453-9244. the cost of your check ride will be $250.00 Leiland has flown in Challengers with me and enjoys flying them.  If he is in your area, and you need your check ride,  give him a call. Jim, at an eerie place.

Friend of the Airpark, Steve Dentz Solo's his Challenger.

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New Friends of the Airpark, used house paint and vinyl graphics.

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 Friends Of Erie Airpark Send us a picture.

PPC instructor will give lessons here at Erie Airpark.


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The light at the end of the tunnel is another airplanes landing light coming down head-on to the runway you are taking off from.

Robert Livingston, 'Flying The Aeronca.'