Stories of Erie

Stefanne, the pilot!

Hey all, this is my grand daughter, if you could send her something to help get her pilots license, you could tell your friends you helped create another future Astronaut!! She is a 4.0 grade average and will graduate soon. She will be with Sue and I at Oshkosh again this year, hopefully with her pilots license! If you can help her out, I say thank you!

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Hello everyone, I’m Stefanne and I am trying to finish recieving my pilots license! I am so close to getting it I just need a little more help with funding. All of the money will go straight to my flight school to pay for the plane and the instructor. This has been my dream for such a long time (since I was 11)  and to finally achieve it would mean the world to me. Someday I hope to be a pilot in the air force and then an astronaut for NASA. Starting with my private pilots license would give me leaps and bounds towards these goals! With your help in getting this, I wouldn’t be able to even express my absolute gratitude! I hope that you can help me chase my dreams and achieve the one true passion I’ve had in my life!!!! Thank you:D

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