Stories of Erie

Meet Jim and Sue

daddy-day-flightSue and I have been here 20 years now! Time flies! Sue now works outside the home, and I still run the airpark and do signs. I no longer give flight instruction. However, I have a CFI who will work with you to get your Sport license. We are still open seven days a week from dawn till dusk. I am here Monday thru Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays by appointment. Sundays I am gone.

Contact us at 309 230 0944 my cell, or you can leave a message on the land line at 309 659 2721. You can also send me pictures and messages on my e-mail at And please let me know if we can put them on our web page.

Remember you are welcome to fly in anytime, we will make you welcome! Jim, and Sue at an Erie place

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